The Boys and Girls Club of McComb/Pike County a private, non-profit youth organization that is fully chartered by the Boys and Girls Club of America, was established and incorporated in 1990 by its current Chief Professional Officer, Randy Tate.  It was established to provide a safe haven for at-risk youth and to alleviate the effects of gang-related activities; drugs, teenage pregnancy and an increase of school dropout rates.  Since our inception, we have served over 30,000 youth with a steady increasing current membership.  

We presently have two sites: Jewel Rushing Unit in McComb and Walthall County Unit in Tylertown.  We are open approximately 270 days a year and any child who’s between ages five thru eighteen can become a member of the Club.

We have provided local youth with the following services:  After school tutoring, self-esteem coaching, goal setting, personal hygiene, health care, drugs, alcohol and pregnancy prevention (offered by trained staff through structured activities and guest speakers).  We also offer our members music, art, summer camps, educational trips, leadership training and recognition programs. 

Club members have participated in community service projects for the elderly (yard cleanup and painting), citywide litter collection and assisting in community activities of other non-profit organizations such as Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, The Art Council and local schools.  Club members have also learned job skills through the club’s summer job placement program that includes the manufacturing and retail companies.

Most of our members are involved with the Club’s various outreach programs:  Kids with Character, Home for Gifted Children, The Juvenile Offender Detention Center/ Juvenile Justice System and elementary and alternative schools in the city and county.  The Club regularly receives referrals from the Department of Human Services/Youth Service and provide expelled and court referred youth the following services: alternative education including Smart Moves, which is a drug and alcohol intervention program, self esteem activities, goal setting and career planning.

The Boys and Girls Club will be open to all youths with special emphasis on at risk youths.  The prevalent sale and use of drugs and alcohol among teenager has increased at an alarming rate throughout the state.  The McComb Housing Authority manages 465 apartments, divided into twelve complexes and make up a large part of the Boys and Girls Club members.  Ten complexes are divided into developments which usually referred to as the North and South McComb developments.  The current resident population is over 1,000 with over 49% being youth between the ages of five though eighteen.




From Our Chief Professional Officer

Now approaching my 25th year as the leader of Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Mississippi, I've witnessed wonderful changes and growths at the club.  None of them could have taken place without a dedicated and enthusiastic Board of Directors, trained Staff and You (the community). The financial support of the Boys & Girls Club Sponsors and the trust and good faith bestowed on us by our Founder, Jewel Rushing,  has made it all possible.

Even though we are in the midst of this economic crisis, we can't stop thinking about the future: the future of our kids, the future of our clubs, and the future of our country.

 There is another epidemic that is facing our economy.  This epidemic includes crime, drugs, high dropout rates, and even higher teen pregnancy rate.  I want to ensure you that with your continued support, that the Boys & Girls Club movement will remain in a position to be a leading force in stopping this epidemic by ensuring that the youth that come to our two club locations are well educated and have a deep understanding as to how to reach their full potential and live the " American Dream".  By educating our children we can decrease these epidemic rates.  We are committed to meeting these challenges and hope to have a solid plan for the future.  

We currently have two clubs in the Pike and Walthall County areas.  We are striving to increase attendance and continue to make an impact in youth between the ages 5-18, and support their families.  By investing $800 per member per year to keep a child involved in the Boys & Girls Club, we can avoid $35,000 per individual per year while incarcerated.  

This Proves the old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Mississippi offers the best investment that anyone can make in the future of our community.  

"I have a lot of passion for children, stop by and tour anytime."


Randy Tate

Chief Professional Officer